2014 Award Recipients

USAC Award Winners

Award recipients with President Barron: Carol Mellott, Stephanie Gookin, and Brad Fisher

USAC Award Winners
Award recipients with USAC members and administrative representatives

USAC Award Winners

Award recipients with administrative representatives

Nominations now being sought for Staff Recognition Award. Submit a Nomination Now

Nomination Deadline: Friday, March 13, 2015


To recognize University staff members who go above and beyond their normal routines:

  • Resolve a particularly difficult dilemma
  • Being exceptionally creative
  • Been responsive to the needs of others regardless of status
  • Recipients will receive a certificate and be recognized at a future USAC meeting


  • All full-time staff are eligible (anyone at the University may submit nominations)
  • Every nomination is considered on its own merit (no comparisons among nominees)
  • The Council will acknowledge as many deserving people as possible
  • Nominations will be reviewed regularly
  • Honorees recognized at Council meetings scheduled throughout the year

Criteria for selecting recipients (list not all-inclusive)

  • Personal Traits
  • Did the nominee have a positive attitude or upbeat personality? Was he/she hard-working, enthusiastic, creative, and/or show a concern for others?
  • Professionalism
  • Did the nominee show reliability and resourcefulness and/or demonstrate a sense of teamwork?
  • Initiative & Interest
  • Nominees typically are...
    1. ...aware of the potential in everyone.
    2. ...willing to reach out--go the extra mile in resolving conflicts/dilemmas.
    3. ...able to provide the support and guidance needed to help make life better for those around them (co-workers, faculty, staff, administrators, students, visitors, etc.).

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