Performance Management


YOU@PSU:  Penn State’s Performance Management Program for Full-Time Staff Members

Welcome to the YOU@PSU website, where you will find everything you need to participate in Penn State’s performance management program. Use this site to learn about the program, to find training opportunities and resources available to help you complete each step along the way, and to access the YOU@PSU online system that you and your supervisor will use to track your progress throughout each performance year.

Program Overview

Penn State's performance management program (“YOU@PSU”) has been designed to effectively manage talent and performance and ensure that each member of the community understands how they fit into the success of Penn State. To this end, each individual will:

  • Have a voice in setting their responsibilities and goals
  • Be held accountable for their responsibilities, individual goals, and behavior
  • “Own” the program, with support from supervisors/managers, Human Resources, and Penn State leadership

The purpose of YOU@PSU is to:

  • Link staff member efforts to the desired strategy, goals, behaviors, and culture at PSU
  • Inspire employees to give their best effort and align their efforts to their teams’ efforts
  • Provide fair and accurate evaluation of performance
  • Provide effective coaching for performance improvement and career development

Timeline for 2017-18 Performance Management Process: April 1, 2017- March 31, 2018

Below is a general outline of the steps that will help you be successful in completing the YOU@PSU process.

Step 1: Setting Goals & Expectations: (June - August 2017)

During this first step, staff members meet with their supervisor to discuss their Job Responsibilities Worksheet (JRW) and to set 2-5 goals for the current performance management cycle. Staff members then create a JRW in the YOU@PSU online tool; the supervisor then reviews and approves the JRW. Lastly, staff members enter goals into the YOU@PSU online tool; the supervisor then reviews and approves the goals.

For tools and resources to complete this step, including training opportunities, please visit Step 1: Setting Goals & Expectations.


Leadership teams meet to discuss ratings and agree on norms; norms are shared with staff members throughout their department

Step 2: Mid-Year Check In (November/December, 2017)

Staff members and their supervisors review their goal progress (and will make adjustments as needed), discuss successes and challenges.

For tools and resources to complete this step, please visit Step 2: Mid-Year Check In.

Step 3: End-of-Year Discussion (April 1 - May 31, 2018)


  • Optional: staff members and supervisors obtain feedback from others (e.g., peers, customers)
  • Staff member completes self-assessment in YOU@PSU online system
  • Supervisor reviews and summarizes performance feedback for staff member and drafts a final rating (using agreed upon norms)
  • Peer supervisors conduct ratings calibration meetings


  • Staff member meets with supervisor to discuss end-of-year review and receives an overall rating of their performance
  • Staff member and supervisor begin to discuss next year’s goals and development opportunities

For tools and resources to complete this step, please visit Step 3: End-of-Year Discussion.