What We Do: The Voice for Penn State Staff

The University Staff Advisory Council (USAC):

  • Acts in advisory capacity to the central administration
  • Explores issues, policies, and practices that impact staff
  • Suggests revisions to policies
  • Suggests new policy initiatives
  • Serves to advocate for staff welfare and development
  • Activities of the University Staff Advisory Council (USAC):
  • Liaison with College and Campus Staff Advisory Councils

The University Staff Advisory Council's impact includes:

  • The development of the current Staff Vacancy Announcement policy
  • Domestic Partner benefits
  • Improved layoff and recall communication; and expedited return-to-work processes
  • The development of flexible work schedules and telecommuting policies
  • The development of a Career Ladder website
  • Inclusion of diversity link on the Penn State employment website
  • Automated External Defibrillators (AED) in the workplace
  • Worked with University administration to count Friday after Thanksgiving as holiday¬†
  • Maternity/paternity leave policy review
  • Vacation Donation-Catastrophic Leave policy
  • Bereavement time off increase
  • Performance management review
  • Alternative 25-year service award: captain's chair, rocker, or elm mantel clock
  • John Hancock long-term care, end-of-year transition
  • 2014 Healthcare Task Force membership
  • Bennett Family Center outsourcing consultation
  • Staff Culture Survey focus group

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