Upcoming Programs

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Upcoming Seminars & Workshops
Course Name Date(s) Campus/Format
We Are...ALL IN! 9/18/2017 University Park
Budget Basics 9/19/2017 Adobe Connect
Purchasing Card Reconciler Training 9/26/2017 Adobe Connect
More Than Budget Basics 10/3/2017 Adobe Connect
Sexual Harassment: Awareness and Prevention 10/3/2017 University Park
Safety and Security for Office Personnel 10/13/2017 University Park
Project Management
(four-part series)
Part I: 10/17/2017
Part II: 10/23/2017
Part III: 10/27/2017
Part IV: 11/6/2017
University Park
Developing Intercultural Competency:
Part I
10/18/2017 University Park
Wisdom of the Ages:
Applying Generational Concepts at Work
10/31/17 University Park
Giving & Receiving Feedback for Individuals Oct 2017 - Jan 2018 Adobe Connect
Giving & Receiving Feedback for Supervisors Oct 2017 - Jan 2018 Adobe Connect
Sexual Harassment: Awareness and Prevention 11/2/2017 University Park
Purchasing Card Reconciler Training 11/8/2017 Adobe Connect
Budget Basics 11/9/2017 Adobe Connect
Developing Intercultural Competency:
Part II
11/14/2017 University Park
More Than Budget Basics 11/14/2017 Adobe Connect
Subtle Slights: Understanding the Impact
of Unconscious Bias and Microaggressions
11/16/2017 University Park
StaySAFE: Surviving an Active Shooter 11/30/2017 University Park
The Power of Allyship 12/6/2017 University Park
Sexual Harassment: Awareness and Prevention 12/7/2017 University Park