New Hire Processing

In order to create a consistent and streamlined onboarding process, the information below outlines paperwork that must be completed for each new hire as well as information that must be shared with each new hire. Additional, unit, job and/or appointment specific information should be added to each employee’s onboarding process as appropriate (e.g., probationary period, holiday scheduling, parking information, etc.).

Documents to be completed/distributed

Print the documents below to be completed by/for the new hire:     

If applicable, complete the following:

*The information on the Onboarding Discussion and Acknowledgement Worksheet should be reviewed with the new hire. The employee and Penn State representative will then sign off on the form. It is the employee’s responsibility to access the details of each of the topics via the New Hire Resources page. If an employee does not have the means to access this information electronically, the Penn State representative should provide the new hire with electronic access or a hardcopy of the materials. The completed Onboarding Discussion and Acknowledgement Worksheet should be stored in the employee file with any other appropriate paperwork.