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Dual Career Resources

Penn State recognizes that outstanding hires often have outstanding partners who can contribute their talents to the University or to other employers in the local community.

Dual Career Resources provides information and assistance to the partners of newly recruited or recently hired full-time faculty and staff when they relocate to Penn State's University Park campus. Although assistance is available at any point of the recruitment process, persons are encouraged to contact our department as soon as possible. 

Dual Career Resources provides information, orientation, and assistance on such things as:

  •   The Local Area
  •   Penn State Employment Process
  •   Current Job Openings
  •   Local Employers
  •   Networking Leads and Job Strategies
  •   Resume and Cover Letter Preparation
  •   Interview Tips
  •   Local Housing
  •   Public Services
  •   Child Care

Dual Career Resources does not provide job placement and does not guarantee employment.

To initiate a request for assistance, please contact Madhavi Kari at 863-6162 or


To participate in Dual Career Resources, you should be:

  • Part of a recruitment effort, or have lived in the area for less than one year
  • The partner of a full-time Penn State faculty or staff member
  • Willing to look at career opportunities in the local community as well as on campus
  • Aware that Penn State does not create positions for partners and is not responsible for the practices of companies to which referrals are made

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible for assistance through Dual Career Resources?

You are eligible if you are part of a recruitment effort or the partner of a full-time Penn State faculty or staff member and have lived in the area for less than one year.

Am I guaranteed a job?

We do not guarantee employment. However, Penn State is supportive of dual career partners and hundreds of dual career couples have benefited from our services.

Will I be given preferential treatment for Penn State positions?

We are committed to assisting dual career couples. We will do everything possible to assist you in your job search but can neither create jobs nor intervene in an employer's hiring practices.

Can you help me find employment outside of Penn State?

We have a network of business contacts in the community. Through our services, you can obtain resource information about the local business community, job openings, and possible introductions to contacts of interest for informational interviewing purposes.