Penn State Quest Frequently Asked Questions

How can I find out which labs are covered under plan?

Every health insurance plan must provide specific preventive care services at no cost to covered employees and families, which include specific lab tests.

How can I find out how much a lab test will cost by having my labs processed by  Quest?

Highmark can price lab claims for members but it is necessary to have the CPT (Current Procedural Terminology) codes, diagnosis code and billing provider NPI (National Provider Identifier). In most cases the reps will try to assist members by using the online care cost estimator.

I had some and was surprised I received a bill?  

To understand why you have been charged for a lab test or procedure, please read the explanation of benefits (EOB) that you receive from the insurance carrier describing this service and what portion was paid by insurance. This should tell you why you received a bill; for example, you have not met the deductible, the test was a non-covered service, etc. If you have specific questions about the charges, please call Highmark at 800-914-4384

Who is Quest Diagnostics and why did the University decide to make Quest Diagnostics the preferred lab for Penn State employees’ non-urgent lab testing?

Quest Diagnostics (Quest) is a national lab services provider that delivers high quality lab testing, high-rated customer service, timely results, internet access to results, and more than 175 convenient draw sites across Pennsylvania.  The breadth of their service locations accommodates the vast majority of our campuses. The University decided to make Quest the preferred lab because of the substantial cost savings to the consumer, as well as Penn State.

Why should I use Quest Diagnostics? How do I benefit?

Since lab services are subject to deductible and coinsurance, by using a high quality and low cost provider, your out of pocket costs will be reduced, saving you money without sacrificing quality.

How does Penn State benefit from the savings?

Because Penn State is self-insured, any charges not paid for by employee deductibles and coinsurance are paid by Penn State.  By using a high-quality low-cost lab, Penn State pays less in provider charges.

Do I have to use Quest Diagnostics?

You can continue to have your routine lab tests completed at your physician’s office, or hospital-based lab.  Using Quest for these same services is completely voluntary; however, both you and the University will save money by using Quest.

What types of lab testing can Quest Diagnostics perform?

Quest Diagnostics offers over 3,000 tests including; blood work, cultures, cytology (i.e., pap smears) and biopsies, and many more esoteric (very specialized) tests.

How can I get my blood drawn by Quest?

Quest Diagnostics has hundreds of draw sites in Pennsylvania. You can find the closest draw location to you at Penn State employees have convenient access to a Quest draw site within minutes of their work or home address. In some cases, Quest will contract with local hospitals that will draw on behalf of Quest and these will also be listed on their website.

How will my medical provider know to send my lab work to Quest Diagnostics?

When you check in to your practice, let them know that your preference is that your lab work be sent to Quest Diagnostics. If they do not draw blood in their office or send to Quest, ask for the paper requisition (lab orders) and take it to the Quest Diagnostics site or hospital designated as a Quest Diagnostics’ collection site. When you arrive at the draw site, let them know you prefer your lab work to be tested at Quest. You may want to bring your Lab Card Select card with you to confirm that Quest Diagnostics is the preferred lab provider for Penn State employees.  The lab card was included in the mailing from Penn State sent in October, 2016.  If you don’t have a lab card call 1-800-750-1253 and ask for a new Lab Card ID card.

What is the turnaround time for routine testing?

The majority of testing is completed the next business day with results reported to the medical provider within 24 hours after the test.has been completed. Results are available to your medical provider via fax or Electronic Medical Record (EMR).

Can I look up my own results?

Yes, it’s easy! You can access your results at MyQuest™ patient portal. Individuals will need to create a personal secure account which takes less than five minutes at

Whom do I contact if I have questions once I receive a bill or for any other questions?

Patients can call Quest Lab Card Select customer service (1-800-750-1253) with any questions they may have Monday through Friday 8:00 am – 7:00 pm EST.  Frequently asked questions can also be found at

I was told my doctor doesn’t participate with Quest, what can I do?

If your provider does not participate with Quest, you may take your lab order to the nearest Quest facility to have your labs drawn.  You always have the option to have your labs completed at your physician’s office, but you may pay more in deductible and/or coinsurance vs. using Quest.

My doctor is telling me my results are not in my Electronic Medical Record (EMR).  Where are they?

While most physician practices’ EMR are connected to the Quest Diagnostics platform, some are not.  In the cases where they are not, the results are faxed to the provider. Your physician practice will have access to your results, regardless of how they are provided to them.

If I need my results immediately or next day, should I use Quest?

If you need results immediately (stat) or for a next day appointment, you may want to choose to use your current method of lab draws through your doctor’s office or hospital-based lab.  Lab services will be subject to deductibles and/or coinsurance.

My schedule is hectic, how can I get my blood drawn quickly?

Quest has hours that can accommodate different schedules and generally, wait times are short, but if you can only go at a specific time, many Quest sites have the option of appointment scheduling (find a collection site). In cases where a hospital is drawing on behalf of Quest, appointments are generally not available. In State College, consider going to the Hershey Medical-Benner Pike site for more prompt service.

I cannot find a Quest facility that is close to my home or campus.  Are there plans to expand the number of Quest draw sites?

Quest is continuously reviewing volumes of lab draws at each of their sites and looking for opportunities to provide the most convenient access to employees and families at all campuses.  As new sites are added, Penn State will communicate this information and you can find the location of all draw sites at