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2016-2017 USAC Members:

Chair: John Ilie (ITS) 
Chair Elect: JeanMarie Jacob (Academic Outreach, Greater Allegheny)
Past Chairs:
Jennifer Blew (Schreyer Honors College) and Devon Purington (Residence Life)
Secretary: Faye Maring (College of the Liberal Arts)
Past Secretary: Susan Johnson (Liberal Arts) 

University Staff Advisory Council
Name College/Unit Campus Committee
Baylets-Holsinger, Toni ITS-- Software Licensing UP

Awards, Chair

Blew, Jennifer
Past Co-Chair

Eberly College of Science UP Elections/Membership
Burns, Derick Teaching and Learning
with Technology
UP Communications
Chandler, Stacie School of Theatre UP Communications
Dozier, Dennis College of Ag Science The Penn State Center Philadelphia Communications
Gibson, Felicite

Academic Advising and Corporation
and Community Education

AN Elections/Membership
Gilpin, Megan University Libraries AN Awards
Griffith, Rita College of IST UP Alumni Liaison, Chair
Halpenny, Becky Eberly College of Science UP Awards
Hanes, Jeannine Academic Outreach World Campus Commonwealth Campuses
Hockenberry, Wanda College of Arts and Architecture UP Awards
Holland, Lysa Environmental Health & Safety UP Awards
Hutchins, Leslie
College of Nursing UP Awards

Ilie, Ionut (John)

Information Technology Services UP Chair-Elect
Jacob, JeanMarie
Academic Outreach Greater Allegheny Commonwealth Campuses
Maring, Faye
College of the Liberal Arts UP  
Martell, Roger College of Ag Sci UP Awards
Moore, Jenn  Development and Alumni Relations UP Elections/Membership
Ponnett, Stephanie Office of the Chancellor Harrisburg Commonwealth Campuses, Chair
Purington, Devon
Past Co-Chair
Residence Life Hazelton Elections/Membership, Chair
Smith, Kimberly College of Liberal Arts UP Elections/Membership
Stump, Brent University Libraries UP Elections/Membership
Andrew Van Alstyne Hospitality Services UP Communications
Vandenbergh, Lydia Sustainability Institute UP Communications, Chair
Watson, Denita Wright Graduate & Prof. Programs GV Commonwealth Campuses
Zimmerman, Brandon Applied Research Laboratory  UP Communications