Health Matters

As a retiree, you may still participate in the variety of courses and programs offered by Health Matters. Courses are offered throughout the day at different campus locations, so you can choose a program that fits your schedule. 


SilverSneakers is one of the nation’s leading exercise programs designed exclusively for older adults. It is a unique physical activity, lifestyle, and social-oriented health and wellness program specifically designed for Medicare-eligible members of all fitness levels. FreedomBlue PPO members receive a complimentary membership at a participating fitness center, plus access to any participating location across the United States. Members have free access to all amenities included with a basic fitness center membership. Members, who live more than 15 miles from a participating center, can still take advantage of the SilverSneakers Steps self-directed walking and physical activity program. To learn more or to locate a participating provider, visit the SilverSneakers website.