Staff Employees

Staff Review and Development Plan (SRDP)

Formal performance reviews are conducted in the spring of each year by your supervisor by completing the Staff Review and Development Plan (SRDP) and subsequently meeting with you to discuss the form. Your supervisor may conduct as many evaluations during the year as they feel is appropriate.

Job Responsibilities Worksheet (JRW)

The SRDP process is supplemented by the Job Responsibilities Worksheet (JRW) and provides you the opportunity to describe your overall responsibilities to your supervisor. This worksheet can be filled out throughout the course of the year and is normally presented to your supervisor prior to the SRDP process.

As you fill out your JRW, you should:

  • Describe each major area of responsibility
  • Assign percentages of no less than 5%
  • Elaborate on duties to explain the context


Instead of this – “Install software on client computers”

Elaborate like this – “Install (what kind of) software on (what kind of) client computers for (what purpose)"

Manager/Supervisor Materials


As a full time faculty member, you will receive an annual performance review in writing by your department/division head. Each evaluation is related to your area of assignment and responsibility, with maximum weight given to the area of major emphasis in your assignment.

If you are a tenured faculty member, you will be evaluated with an extended review every fifth year after the most recent promotion decision.

  • See HR-40: Evaluation of Faculty Performance for more information