Step 2: Mid-Year Check-In

The Mid-Year Check-In ensures that individuals are on target and keeps all participants engaged in the process. It also ensures that managers and staff members meet at least once each year to check-in on and have a conversation regarding progress towards goals, any challenges or concerns, things that are going well, etc. The mid-year check-in is the only conversation, besides beginning of the year and end-of-year that is required. However, managers are encouraged to meet more frequently and as needed with their staff throughout the year.

The Mid-Year Check-In is important as it allows supervisors to more easily monitor employee performance and progress; gives an opportunity to share observations, re-iterate expectations and update goals if necessary.It also gives the employee the opportunity to share updates and hear from their supervisor their views on how they're performing and discuss expectations.

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In order to conduct the Mid-Year Check-In, the following occurs:

  • The employee schedules an appointment with the supervisor and provides an update of goal performance to that point, this can be done by going into the YOU@PSU system and updating their goal progress in the notes section.
  • The employee and supervisor discuss overall performance and review goals; if necessary, adjustments can be made to goals at this point. No formal evaluation or ratings are needed for this conversation
  • Both the employee and supervisor document that the conversation happened after it takes place in the YOU@PSU system
  • The employee will adjust goals in the YOU@PSU system if necessary and the supervisor will approve these adjustments