Voluntary Retirement Program

Enrolling in the Medicare Health Plan

As a benefits-eligible, and Medicare-eligible retiree, what do I need to do to enroll in the Medicare health plan? 

If you or your spouse are already or will be eligible for Medicare as of June 30, 2017, you need to contact your local Social Security office in order to make certain you complete the necessary forms via paper or online, for a July 1, 2017, effective date. 

Most Social Security offices will require that the Medicare-eligible individual (you, your spouse, or both of you) to submit an Employment Verification form (#CMS-L564), that must be completed by the Employee Benefits office.  If you need this form completed, please email VRP2016@psu.edu and we will complete the form on your behalf and mail it to your home address. 

After you (and/or your spouse) are successfully enrolled in Medicare parts A and B, you will need to complete a Freedom Blue PPO application.

Please return the completed Freedom Blue application to: Employee Benefits Division, James M. Elliott Building, 4th Floor, University Park, PA, 16802

Additional Resources

Instructions for Viewing Paychecks and VRP Lump-sum Payment Details

As a retiree, your access to ESSIC (Employee Self-Service Information Center) permits you to view the following Payroll information:

  • Pay Check Inquiry
  • W-4
  • Direct Deposit
  • Year-to-Date Tax
  • Earning Statement
  • W-2 Information

The process to log-in to ESSIC remains the same as when you were actively working: 

  • Go to http: ohr.psu.edu/benefits
  • Click on the ESSIC & Attendance tab
  • Enter your username & password log-in credentials
  • Authenticate as requested

Questions relating to taxes withheld from your paycheck or VRP lump-sum should be directed to Payroll at 814-865-7621

Questions relating to ESSIC log-in issues should be directed to Benefits at 814-865-1473