Frequently Asked Questions

Who can attend Workplace Learning and Performance programs?

Programs are offered for all Penn State employees. Penn State provides release time for the purpose of improving your job performance or increasing your promotional opportunities. During release time, you are released from normal duties and responsibilities and are compensated at regular pay.

Why should I choose programs and services from Workplace Learning and Performance?

WLP programs and services are specifically designed for Penn State employees and units. Program content and WLP presenters are consistently rated highly by participants. We take your feedback seriously and continuously improve what we do to meet your needs. The bottom line: We give you the best programs for a reasonable cost.

How can I receive a confirmation of a direct bill?

If you register online, a copy of your registration will be sent to your unit's finance office. This copy may be used to confirm the direct bill for your registration.

If you register with a printed form, your finance office may use a copy of your completed registration form for its records, or call (814) 865-8216 to request a direct bill confirmation for your registration fee.

What should I do if I can't attend a program due to illness?

If you are unable to attend a program for which you are registered, you may:

  • Send a substitute.


  •  Call (814) 865-8216 so we can accommodate others on the waiting list

What happens if I get to a program and find out that I'm not registered?

Inform the presenter, remain for the program, and print your full name and work unit on the sign-in sheet during the class. Your unit will be direct billed after the program.

What happens if a program is cancelled?

If a program is cancelled, you will be contacted via email or phone, and your department will not be billed. You will be refunded if you have paid for a cancelled program with a personal check.

Is it possible to transfer from one program section to another?

Transfers: Depending on when the request is made, it is possible to transfer from one program section to another. The earlier you notify us of a transfer request, the better. Please contact us to request a transfer or to discuss your options.

Please Note: Transfers are only applicable within the same fiscal year. Due to work areas' financial approval policies, we are unable to honor transfers between fiscal years. Please check the date before requesting the transfer.