Workforce diversity, cultural inclusiveness, and employment equity are deeply rooted in Penn State's historic mission. Just as we are committed to being a diverse educational environment, we are also committed to being a diverse working community. As a community, we endeavor to be a kaleidoscope of cultural backgrounds, life experiences, individual perspectives, and numerous other characteristics that add variety and vitality to the workplace. 

Diversity at our University is a plan of action-a formal strategic initiative called A Framework to Foster Diversity. The plan keeps us on course for recruitment from underrepresented groups, as well as for retention of diverse employees through targeted mentoring, leadership development, diversity-related courses, performance recognition, and other initiatives.

Affirmative Action Office

The Affirmative Action Office is a service organization that supports and enhances the University’s commitment to diversity in recruitment and retention of those historically underrepresented in the workforce. Within the Affirmative Action Office are:

  • Diversity Support & Education Center, whose services include needs assessment, educational workshops, and support/mentoring
  • Diversity Education Services, an educational and support system providing diversity educational programs for the entire Penn State system

Employee Affinity Groups

Campuses of the University maintain or are host to active commissions, committees and organizations that support the needs of individuals from minority groups within society and within the workplace.

Programs & Services

Opportunity Network for Employment (ONE) Program

ONE Program is committed to assisting individuals with disabilities in seeking employment with Penn State’s University Park Campus.

Recruitment Program

Throughout the year, representatives participate in recruiting events at various locations.

Mentoring Program

The Diversity Mentoring Program is designed to provide each new underrepresented racial/ethnic employee in the division of Finance and Business (F&B) with a mentor to assist them in performing successfully in their current positions.

Diversity Training Programs

The Center for Workplace Learning & Performance offers several diversity-related courses to employees. Course titles include:

  • Valuing Diversity through Teamwork
  • Emotional Intelligence: A Component of Diversity
  • It’s Not so Simple Anymore: Working with Diverse Customers