Finance and Business/Intercollegiate Athletics HR Consolidation

Welcome to the F&B/ICA HR Consolidation website. The F&B/ICA HR Consolidation officially launched in July 2016 with the goal of standardizing HR processes within Auxiliary and Business Services, Intercollegiate Athletics, and Office of Physical Plant. The F&B/ICA HR Consolidation also provides an opportunity to test some of the key concepts of the new HR “shared services” delivery model, to obtain feedback from key stakeholders, and to inform the next phases of HR Transformation.

We are committed to providing you with excellent service and welcome your feedback. If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to your F&B/ICA HR Consolidation team. Provided below is contact information for each team and team member, as well as a description of their HR role and the type of support they provide. While some of the F&B/ICA HR Consolidation team members may be new to you, rest assured that you will receive a high level of service from our team. We look forward to working with you!


F&B/ICA Consolidation Team
HR Services
A resource for all employees
Name Purpose Contact
Cathy Brooks Provides day-to-day customer service and HR support to employees; answers routine questions and inquiries relating to:
  • General HR-related employee and manager inquiries
  • Background checks/clearances
  • Onboarding and “off-boarding” support
  • Compliance tracking
  • Payroll transaction processing (e.g. appointments, reappointments, terminations, salary adjustments)

Mon. - Fri.
7:30am - 5:00pm

5th Floor James M. Elliott Bldg.

Dana Crumrine
Cindy Doran
Lynette Goodrow
Tawnya Meraglia
Diana Simpson
Cathy O'Connell, Supervisor
Provides recruitment support from job posting through offer
Name Purpose Contact
Eric Cox

Provides pre-hire recruitment services for staff, technical-service, and wage position, to include:

  • Providing sample posting language
  • Posting of positions in EJMS system
  • Pre-screening of candidate pools
  • Performing salary analysis for prospective hires
  • Issuing offer letters

Mon. - Fri.
8:00am - 5:00pm

101 Housing and Food Services Bldg.

Kim Ravenscroft
Ashley Powers
Nick Reichart
Madhavi Kari, Interim Lead
Leave and Absence Management
A resource for all employees, HR Strategic Partners and HR Consultants for FMLA, Absence/Leave, and Workers’ Compensation
Name Purpose Contact
Megan Brungard

Answers routine questions and inquiries relating to:

  • FMLA
  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Leaves of Absence & Benefit Billing
  • Long Term Disability & Sickness and Accident Supplement

Mon. - Fri.
7:30am - 4:30pm

4th Floor James M. Elliott Bldg.

Erica Kresovich-Rockey
Allison Seiber
Betsy Yoder, Supervisor
HR Consultants
An advisory and consultative resource for academic and non-academic leaders
Auxiliary and Business Services
April Martell
Brian Naviglia

Advises and consults on:

  • Policy and procedures
  • Hiring decisions
  • Promotions and job evaluations
  • Performance management
  • Provides day-to-day coaching for supervisors and managers
  • Conducts stay and exit interviews
  • Provides initial employee advice, counsel, and referral as needed
Intercollegiate Athletics
Kristin Wright
Office of Physical Plant
Nikki Brown
Lori McGovern
Labor Relations (For OPP and ABS, only)
Provides consulting services related to technical service employees and the application of the University’s agreement with Teamsters Local Union No. 8.
Name Purpose Contact
Nicole Toner, Primary Provides consulting services related to technical service employees and the application of the University’s agreement with Teamsters Local Union No. 8.
Angela Pope, Backup
HR Strategic Partners
Provides strategic advice and support to Unit Leadership
Auxiliary and Business Services
Deb Moore

Advises and partners with leadership on broad employee issues including:

  • Succession planning
  • Employee development
  • Compensation strategy
  • Organizational design
  • Manages and advises leadership on complex employee relations issues
  • Provides HR policy guidance and counsel to ensure adherence,
    clarification, and any interpretation issues
  • Implements new or continuing legal requirements or initiatives
Intercollegiate Athletics
Andrea Wickerham
Office of Physical Plant
Christina Gatehouse

Full-time Processes


Wage/Work Study Processes