Staff Job Review

How to Request a Staff Job Review

HR Transformation Update: As part of HR Transformation, the Compensation and Classification team within the Office of Human Resources is currently in the process of making changes to the staff job review process. Effective April 2017, all job reviews that cannot be completed at the college/campus/work unit level should be sent to Compensation and Classification. It is anticipated that the new job review process will be rolled out in May/June 2017. For questions about the staff job review process, please contact your unit Human Resources team.

  1. Employee updates their Job Responsibilities Worksheet and submits this information to their supervisor along with their current Job Responsibilities Worksheet and a signed Request for Job Review Form. Needed for a review are the following documents:

  2. Supervisor reviews the information submitted by the employee in the Updated Job Responsibilities Worksheet to ensure accuracy and completeness and signing their portion of the Request for Staff Job Review Form. The supervisor should discuss and resolve any questions or issues of concern with the employee prior to signing and submitting the packet.

  3. Supervisor signs the Request for Staff Job Review Form and updated JRW indicating their agreement with the information provided and forwards the packet through the appropriate approval path, ensuring that the following signatures are obtained:

    • Department/Division Head (Budget Administrator)
    • Academic/Administrative Unit Head (Budget Executive)
  4. Once all approvals have been obtained, the packet is submitted to the unit Human Resources.

  5. Once received, Human Resources will review the Job Responsibilities Worksheets. Human resources will complete the Request for Staff Job Review Form and proceed with gathering information through a job review meeting and evaluating the position in order to make a preliminary recommendation/determination.

    • If changes in the position warrant an upgrade of one level within the same job profile (assumes no change in exemption), Human Resources will proceed with finalizing the review and skip to Step #9
    • If changes in the position warrant one of the below outcomes, then Human Resources will proceed to the next step:
      • Upgrade of more than one level
      • Change to a different profile
      • An upgrade causing a change in FLSA exemption
      • Assignment of or change to a job title within the Human Resources job family
      • Within-level increase
  6. Human Resources will submit the packet and their recommendation to Compensation and Classification.

  7. Compensation and Classification will review the packet.

  8. Compensation and Classification will then notify Human Resources of the outcome of the job review.

  9. Human Resources will inform the supervisor of the outcome of the job review in writing and initiate the appropriate actions, if applicable, in IBIS.


NOTE: If at any point along the process the current approver does not agree with the request for review going forward, the approver will provide their reason, in writing (email is acceptable), attach it to the packet and return it to the prior approver with a copy to Human Resources. The academic/administrative unit head has final authority to approve or disapprove the forwarding of a job review to unit Human Resources or Compensation and Classification.